I am interested in one of your products. Where I can see more similar product?

You can contact our sales and they will give our full support.
Or you can find more products on our website using the following link: https://www.tiger-bags.com/

Where does your most customers come from?

A: Most of our customers are from Europe and North America.
Also, some customers from Australia, South America, South Africa and the Middle East ect.

How do you test the quality?

A: We control the quality from in-materials/accessories/online QC/final products QC,
we do 100% quality control for our customers. When you visit us, you can have an idea, and we warmly welcome you to our factory.

What service you can provide?

A: Our extraordinary service includes:
1. Warranty: 100% compensation upon the defects of manufacturer and fabric defects;
2. With our own design team and R&D department, we can help you to develop new items according to your design
3. looking for some special materials as your request.

How soon can you deliver the goods if we cut you urgent large orders?

A: Depends!
If we get stock fabric, we can deliver within 25-30 days; If not, it's about 35-45 days.

What do I do if I have a complaint or wish to make a warranty claim?

A: Please contact the sales who you purchased the product and contact with him&her before and explain your complaint.
You will also need to take your proof of purchase with us. Please note that a manufacturer is obliged to deal with your complaint.