Team Introduction

In terms of management and talent construction, Quanzhou Lingyuan Bags Co., Ltd. uses forward-looking management strategies and insists on elite teams to build cultural and technological enterprises. Let professional people do professional things. Since the establishment of the company, it has introduced efficient and professional technical and management talents, and has gathered hundreds of domestic and foreign elites in key departments such as production technology, marketing management, human resources, and financial systems. Build a solid elite team of Quanzhou Lingyuan Bag Company.

Lingyuan Bags Co., Ltd. keeps pace with the times, pays attention to shaping the corporate culture of efficient collaboration and pioneering spirit, and integrates the corporate culture into the new era and humanistic spirit. While clarifying the responsibilities of all levels, more emphasis is placed on team collaboration and cooperation. Stimulate the morale of employees, enhance their sense of ownership and collective honor, and create a positive cultural atmosphere for the healthy and long-term development of the company.

sample develope room

Research And Development Ability

research department 1
research department 12
research department 13


fabric tensile testing machine

Textile Testing Machine-1

Textile Testing Machine-2

fabric waterproof testing machine

waterproof testing machine2
waterproof testing machine2-3(1)
waterproof testing machine2-1

trolley testing machine

trolley testing machine1
trolley testing machine2
trolley testing machine3(1)
trolley testing machine4(1)

Wear Resistance Tester

Wear Resistance Tester1

Wear Resistance Tester2

waterproof testing machine & fabric sample cutter machine & Test System

waterproof testing machine

Waterproof Testing Machine


Test System

fabric sample cutter machine1

Fabric Sample Cutter Machine